It’s easy to forget about your furnace as it chugs away in your basement or closet. Unfortunately, your furnace has the mother of all methods of getting your attention at its disposal: It can break down during the wintertime, which will make your home uninhabitable and potentially destroy its plumbing.

We’re not suggesting that you should think about your furnace constantly. But we do recommend thinking about it often enough to schedule regular inspections. With a steady regimen of professional tune-ups, you’ll never have to suffer the inconvenience and heavy costs of a freezing home!

How Often Should You Schedule Furnace Inspections?

Furnace manufacturers agree that yearly inspections are ideal. In fact, many manufacturers’ warranties become void if one of their furnaces failed as the result of damage that could have been prevented by regular maintenance.

What Does an HVAC Professional Do During a Furnace Inspection?

During a furnace check-up, an HVAC professional is going to scrutinize every single part that could potentially fail during the coming cold months. This includes inspecting the burners, heat exchanger, condensate drain, fan motor, and other parts. The technician will also make certain all of these intricate pieces are performing in sync with one another by checking the operating pressure, fan speed, blower rotation, and more.

An inspection is additionally going to help a furnace run smoothly. They will lubricate sensitive moving parts, change any filters that are in need of replacement, and replace any parts that evince any risk of imminent failure. The goal is to make sure your furnace will operate reliably and efficiently throughout the coming winter – an HVAC pro leaves no stone unturned during this mission.

Will a Furnace Inspection Save You Money?

Yes – and not just by sparing you from having to replace your entire house’s plumbing. A furnace that receives regular inspections and maintenance is poised to last substantially longer than one that doesn’t. In short, if you’re not paying for inspections, you’re paying for new furnaces.

A furnace is a machine. Like any other machine, it becomes less efficient whenever one of its parts isn’t working correctly. Seemingly small defects like dirty filters, air leaks, cracked or loose parts, clogged burners, ineffective limit switches, and obstructed intake vents all add up to make a furnace less efficient. Considering that nearly one-third of your utility bill goes toward heating, an efficient furnace is going to cost noticeably less money to operate than one that has fallen into disrepair.

Furnace maintenance can also save you considerable money on hospitable bills – and possibly your life. In addition to fire hazards, part of your HVAC professional’s job is to check for carbon monoxide leaks. This odorless, colorless gas sends approximately 300 Minnesotans to the emergency room every year. An average of 14 Minnesotans are killed by unintentional exposure to carbon monoxide every year. These tragedies are even worse because nearly all carbon monoxide poisonings were totally preventable.

Save yourself from needlessly high utility bills and total disasters – schedule regular furnace inspection today! Gilk Plumbing Heating & A/C is proud to offer furnace inspection, maintenance, repair, and installation to residential and light commercial clients throughout the greater Richmond, Minnesota area. We also welcome you to contact us today for all your plumbing, air conditioning, remodeling, and water jetting needs!