Water. It’s not just good for drinking and important to the fishing industry. When it’s highly pressurized, water becomes a powerful cleaner as well 

You have probably already appreciated the results of pressure washing: cleaner sidewalks, driveways and siding, primarily. But water jetting, which is used for sewer line cleaning, is next level. Pressure washers usually max out at 4 gallons per minute (gpm). That output is where jetters start, and powerful models can spray over six times that amount of water in the same span of time.


What Is a Water Jetter?

A jetter uses three components to clean sewer lines and pipes:

  1. A pump that pressurizes water: typically within a range of 1,500 to 5,000 psi (which roughly equates to 6 to 20 gpm)
  2. A high-pressure hose: sleek, lightweight and abrasion resistant, and flexible enough to be fed hundreds of feet down into a sewer line
  3. A high-pressure nozzle, which sprays one powerful jet of water forward and several more jets behind itself

A technician lowers the jetter deep down to the beginning of the sewer line and then turns it on. They then slowly guide the jetter through the line, increasing output wherever the nozzle encounters stubborn sewer line blockage.


What Are the Benefits of Water Jetting?

+ It’s effective. Water jetting removes grease clogs, all manners of solid waste, and tree roots that have invaded the sewer line in search of moisture and nutrients.

+ It’s safe. Water jetting may damage pipes that are very old – or further damage pipes that are already damaged. But for the vast majority of plumbing systems, jetting poses zero risk of damage.

+ It’s versatile. Water jetting completely flushes out sewer lines whether they’re clogged or frozen. But it isn’t just good for sewer lines. It cleans blockages out of culverts, commercial plumbing and agricultural drains just as effectively.

+ It’s environmentally friendly. It’s called “water jetting” or “hydro jetting” – not “chemical jetting.” The process cannot contaminate groundwater or harm wildlife, nor can it corrode plumbing.

+ It’s useful at all kinds of properties. A water jetting company like Gilk Plumbing Heating & A/C has the pleasure of serving all types of customers: residential, commercial, agricultural and more.

  • Homeowners usually turn to water jetting when conventional sewer line snaking isn’t powerful enough to remove blockage or the drain line is frozen. Jetting is also safer than descaling when it comes to homes with older plumbing. Some homeowners only request jetting when there is a serious blockage or frozen drain ow water line. Others schedule it every other year, just to keep their plumbing draining normally. The most judicious homeowners schedule jetting every fall, as it prepares their plumbing system for winter by clearing away sand, dirt, salt and dried up leaves.
  • Commercial property owners find great use for jetting no matter their line of business. Restaurants use it to clean their grease lines in addition to their sewer lines. Hotels and apartment buildings, which often welcome guests who haven’t grasped the capabilities of modern plumbing, can count on jetting whenever they have emergency clogs. Car washes are common clients for jetting services, as their drainage systems quickly fill up with sand and several types of waxes. Truly, jetting is suitable for any commercial property so long as it has plumbing.
  • Farmers have many options when it comes to unclogging pipes. They choose jetting because it is fast and doesn’t place potentially harmful chemicals anywhere near their crops or livestock. It works perfectly well on all outbuildings’ sewer lines, and makes short work of manure lines and culverts as well.

Whether you are a homeowner experiencing a clogged or frozen drain or water line, a commercial property manager dealing with a clog crisis, or an agricultural producer who would like to save a whole lot of time maintaining their buildings, then we welcome you to contact Gilk Plumbing, Heating & A/C today. Our team serves Albany, Avon, Cold Spring, Eden Valley, Freeport, Kimball, Lake Henry, Paynesville, Richmond, Rockville, St. Joseph and Watkins, Minnesota for all their HVAC, plumbing and jetting needs!