You already know what a water heater does: it heats water. But have you ever taken a couple of minutes to appreciate just how many applications hot water can have in a home or business? If not, then here is your chance to enlighten yourself. Now the next time you hear someone say that water heaters have no applications, you’ll be able to say to them “Hey! That’s not true, friend! Here are just five of the applications water heaters commonly have.”


1. Bathing

Unless you live somewhere like Death Valley (which in our opinion doesn’t sound like a very nice place to live in), you aren’t taking a hot shower or bath without a water heater.

Bathing in hot water doesn’t just feel nice. It also soothes sore joints and muscles, and is even linked to better heart health and more restful sleep. Tell that to the next person who tries to get you to switch to taking cold showers.


2. Washing Machines

You can wash clothes in a washing machine that isn’t connected to a water heater. There’s no law against it. That said, hot water is just better at cleaning clothes. It accelerates the chemical reaction of the laundry detergent so it can clean clothes more effectively. Hot water also kills germs that like to hide out inside clothing, towels and bedding.


3. Dishwashers

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the dishwasher in your home or place of business. If you expect it to do a good job, then your dishwasher can’t do without hot water. Although they do contain heating elements, the vast majority of residential and commercial dishwashers do require a direct line to a water heater.

Hot water cleans dishes quicker. It provides the heat requisite for softening and lifting away grease. It kills truly nasty bacteria that have no business inside your body, such as E. coli and L. pneumophila. Hot dishes also dry quicker. That’s especially important if you own a restaurant and want to save your kitchen staff a lot of time and energy.


4. Radiant Floor Heat

A hydronic radiant floor system is an excellent solution for heating any living space. It essentially consists of a pump connected to a network of small pipes beneath the floorboards, through which it circulates hot water.

Radiant heat is typically more efficient than conventional forced-air heating, and it promotes a cleaner environment thanks to its lack of ductwork which can gather pollen, dust and other irritants. Radiant heat is also quiet, uniform, and quite comfortable. Who doesn’t like stepping out of the shower onto a heated floor?

Radiant flooring isn’t exclusively hydronic. Air and electricity are also common sources of radiant heat. But if you’re counting on hot water to keep your house warm, then a reliable water heater is inseparable from your plans.


5. Agriculture

Backyard gardeners rarely need hot water for the express purpose of growing zucchini. But if you treat agriculture as a business, then you definitely need a water heater you can depend on.

Hot water is crucial for regular sanitizing. Cleaning your agricultural facility’s floors and equipment will preserve your property value. Hot water ultimately reduces your liability, too, as unclean hands and equipment both increase the risk of contamination.

Any dairy farmer would agree that hot water is essential to their business. Sanitizing milking equipment requires a chemical, such as chlorine, but it also requires 180 °F water. Many dairy farms also use hot water for radiant floor heating. Warm concrete slabs keep the cows comfier, and also prevents the cows’ “business” from freezing to the floor.


Water Heater Maintenance Matters!


Hot showers. Clean clothes and dishes. Radiant heat, and keeping agricultural facilities fully operational. We have very much to thank water heaters for.

Keeping your own water heater properly maintained is the best way to thank it for its service. Only annual maintenance can satisfy the terms of your water heater’s warranty policy. Regular maintenance removes sediment from the tank, which has the welcome effects of conserving the appliance’s efficiency and extending its lifespan. Water heater maintenance also improves the effiecancy and life span of the water heater!

If you would like to rest assured that your water heater is always in its best working condition, then we welcome you to contact Gilk Plumbing, Heating & A/C today. Our one-year and three-year maintenance programs will keep your plumbing and HVAC systems efficient and reliable all year round.

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