You wouldn’t wear a purple suit, green shirt and orange tie all at the same time. That’s a hideous color combination, and one only The Joker can pull off successfully.


Matching isn’t just important to fashion, of course. If you want the best possible performance out of your HVAC system, then you definitely need to match up its furnace, air conditioner and thermostat.


Benefits of a Matched HVAC System


When you invest in HVAC units that were all manufactured by the same company, you can look forward to quieter, more reliable and more energy-efficient operation all year long. You can also expect your HVAC system to last longer!


  • Increased energy efficiency – A different manufacturer’s thermostat will interface with a Rheem furnace or air conditioner, although the two devices simply aren’t designed to synergize with one another. (That’s largely because HVAC unit manufacturers don’t share their proprietary equipment specs.) When you’re doing all you can to promote energy efficiency in your home or commercial property, you really want a system that seamlessly communicates data and instructions across all its different components. It will use less energy to produce the same result.


  • Quieter operation – The benefits of enhanced efficiency aren’t limited to lower energy costs. A matched HVAC system’s smooth inner functionality also means its moving parts won’t have to move quite as much to perform their various functions. Less movement equates to less vibration. Less vibration leads to quieter overall performance!


  • Greater durability – When an HVAC system’s moving parts operate more efficiently, they create less friction. That helps to minimize the abrasion which gradually wears down even the toughest metal – hence the reason why a matched HVAC system’s lifespan is appreciably longer than a mismatched one’s. Furthermore, building an HVAC system out of matched units means you can take advantage of a single warranty program.


  • More reliable performance – While you can mismatch HVAC appliances and still anticipate reliable performance, only a matched system will function as a truly cohesive whole. That can prevent little hiccups from causing the temperature on your thermostat to differ from the actual temperature indoors.


Get the Most Out of Your HVAC System


Heating and cooling are too important to entrust to a system that can’t effectively communicate across all its appliances and thermostat. If you want to spend as little money as possible on energy and repairs, then Gilk Services is standing by to install a high-performance Rheem system at your home or business!


Why Rheem? Because no other manufacturer’s HVAC units offer higher energy efficiency, quieter operation, or better durability. And once an HVAC system features a Rheem furnace, AC and thermostat, it’s poised to perform more reliably than any “Frankenstein” system possibly could.


Would you like to learn more about the advantages of matching up your HVAC system? Then we welcome you to contact Gilk Services today! Once we have determined your property’s unique heating and cooling needs, our HVAC technicians will be ready to advise on the best matched system for your budget. We serve residential and commercial property owners throughout St Cloud, Waite Park, Sartell, St Joe, Albany, Avon, St Martin, Greenwald, Richmond, Eden Valley, Paynesville, Hawick, New London, Cold Spring, Rockville, Lake Henry, Farming, Roscoe, Regal, Atwater, Grove City, Belgrade, Spring Hill, Watkins, Kimball, Marty, St Augusta.