Today’s dollars are being stretch more and more and all savings add up when it comes to energy costs.


You will not convince your local electricity supplier to reduce your rate. What you can do is help your AC run more efficiently, which comes with a two-fold benefit: lower electricity bills, and a longer lifespan for your AC unit. With those rewards in mind, here are the things you can do to improve AC efficiency!


Install a Programmable Thermostat

There’s no sense in cooling your home when you aren’t there to appreciate it. That’s the beauty of a programmable thermostat: it instructs your HVAC system to heat and cool your home only when you desire it to. In addition to allowing you to control your home’s indoor temperature from anywhere on earth, a Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat can also save you 15 percent on cooling costs!


Seal and Insulate Your Ventilation Ducts

Leaky ducts can reduce a residential HVAC system’s efficiency by up to 20 percent. Insulating your ductwork will make your AC unit’s job substantially easier, and sealing it will only do more to enhance efficiency and reduce your monthly electric bill.


Insulate and Weatherize Your Home

Adding more insulation to your home’s attic, floors, crawl space and basement rim joists can also reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent. Caulking, sealing and weather-stripping gaps around doors and windows will further increase your energy savings.


Replace Your Air Filter

Has it been more than 90 days since you last changed your HVAC system’s air filter? Then it may be so clogged up with dust, pollen and other fine particles that it is making your AC work much harder than it has to. A clogged filter can cause an HVAC appliance to expend up to 15 percent more energy than normal operation requires!


Have Your Air Conditioner Professionally Maintained

If you welcome an HVAC technician to your home every spring so they can perform routine maintenance on your AC unit, they will clean both its condenser and evaporator coils. By removing caked on dirt, dust, pollen and other debris, they will help the unit move air more efficiently – thus measurably reducing its overall electricity usage.


Maintain the Area Surrounding Your Air Conditioner

Your AC would ideally have two to three feet of clearance on all sides. If you have stored any items next to your AC, relocate them. If tall plants have grown within the one-yard radius surrounding your AC, remove them. Both of these quick chores will help your AC intake air more efficiently!


Turn Off Air Conditioner During Peak Hours

Your electricity supplier likely charges more during “peak hours” – i.e. the times of day when demand for electricity is highest. Peak hours in the Central Time Zone typically fall between 1pm and 5pm. That’s yet another reason why you’ll save money by installing a programmable thermostat which reduces energy usage while you’re away at work.


Upgrade to a More Efficient Air Conditioner

AC technology has progressed a great deal over the past couple of decades. But replacing your old unit with a more efficient modern one won’t just save you money in the long run. Your home will also produce fewer greenhouse gasses, and you’ll enjoy quieter operation to boot! Better yet, your HVAC technician can possibly install your new AC unit in a location that’s more conducive to efficient operation – i.e. away from direct sunlight, or where trees cast more shade.


If you would like to install a programmable thermostat, request regular maintenance, or replace your outdated AC unit with an ultra-efficient modern model, then we welcome you to contact Gilk Services today. We serve commercial and residential properties throughout Albany, Avon, Cold Spring, Eden Valley, Freeport, Kimball, Lake Henry, Paynesville, Richmond, Rockville, St. Joseph, St. Cloud, Waite Park, Sartell, and Watkins, Minnesota for all their HVAC needs!